Paradigm is a better brand of audio. With better audio comes a better experience. We’ve been building better audio for more than 30 years. Unlike almost every other audio manufacturer, we have our own sound research and development facilities—a 36,000-cubic-foot anechoic chamber to take accurate sound measurements and our own double blind listening rooms to test every product we produce. We’ve won hundreds of product awards and garnered thousands of rave reviews.

Paradigms immense success is the stuff legends are made of. From meager beginnings, Paradigm has grown to become the performance/value leader in the market. In fact, the highly respected trade magazine, Inside Track, has rated Paradigm #1 for best price/value for the past 10 consecutive years. Paradigm products are now available in some 55 countries around the world, distributed by 25 distributors and has become one of the best selling speakers in North America.

So what has created this enormous success? Pure and simple… product performance. Jerry, Scott, Bill and all the others at Paradigm are audiophiles. We have a fundamental love of music and the pleasure it provides in our lives. As such Paradigm has always been a product driven company. The concern has always been with producing real wood products that can genuinely bring us closer to the live musical event.

In this pursuit we have always been extremely careful to not delude ourselves. In speaker design it is all too easy to attempt to isolate and control one specific performance parameter in a speaker. This often leads to mixed performance results – a speaker may sound good in one room and not very good in another or sometimes the problem is a designer is chasing is simply result in a speaker with some unusual sonic traits.

To prevent this we have found disciplining ourselves to double-blind screen evaluations keeps us on track. Please don’t misunderstand, these tests are not designed to show the ultimate performance capabilities in a speaker but they do tell us clearly and remarkably quickly whether a speaker is making the good sound grade or not. While all of this dramatically increased design time, it also ensures our products have superb high-end performance and uncanny timbrel consistency.

Paradigm’s success also extends beyond North America. With it’s very high performance and value reputation, Paradigm has built a large and growing position in world-wide markets.

Over the years, Paradigm has garnered enthusiastic reviews from numerous magazines with a great number of awards and accolades. In fact since 1990, Paradigm has received over 200 awards for it’s various models clearly making it the #1 choice for critical listeners.

Source: About Paradigm